The Over Unders, admittedly, did nothing to promote 2017's EP, Bet On Us.  So they were pleasantly surprised when Absolute Powerpop listed it as a Top 20 EP for 2017, as well as being listed as a Top 300 album by 1001 Records in September of last year.  To follow that up, the band, consisting of brothers, Sam (21) and Matthew (18) Hellman decided to record their first full-length LP, One Fine Day to showcase their “Britpop comes to Eau Claire, Wisconsin rock n‘ roll sound." Since the band has released a collection of singles across 2019 and 2020 that show their continued dedication to songwriting and developing their own powerful sound.


For the band, it really all began when Sam, at the age of 12, picked up a bass guitar and joined two friends to form the band, Rewind Society.  The trio then spent their middle school and high school years playing covers in bars (that could only happen in Wisconsin!) and local festivals in and around the city of Black River Falls.  After several years of “playing other people’s music” and their family moving to Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Sam picked up a six-string and began writing his own songs.  Needing to hear how drums would sound on his songs, Sam enlisted the help of his younger brother, Matthew, who politely, but sternly said, “I don’t think so Sam.”    


Sam asked repeatedly, and when Matthew finally relented, the boys quickly realized they had a natural chemistry.  “Matthew had never played the drums, but he picked up on things pretty quickly,” recalls Sam.  “His drumming just added so much energy to my songs.”   After a while, the duo began playing their music in the Eau Claire area at open mics.  It was the positive feedback they received at those sessions, that led them to record their first EP,  2016’s self titled, The Over Unders.  Bet On Us followed the next year.  


The band have now hit their stride, receiving very favorable reviews for their debut LP "One Fine Day" which hit shelves in July of 2018, and for their latest collection of singles.  In addition, the band finally found the missing piece they were looking for in bass player Raymond Remes.  As evident in their calendar, the once fledgling Over Unders who struggled to find their place are now most at home on stage.  2018 was the big step forward they needed, but 2019 was the year they truly found their place in the Eau Claire scene. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, the Over Unders managed to stay sharp throughout 2020 and early 2021 by playing a number of local socially distanced shows in Eau Claire and the greater Chippewa Valley.


While the band will always be disappointed they had to cancel numerous gigs in 2020 (including an opening spot in Madison for Zoo Tripin), they are more confident and ready to perform than ever, with an abundance of new material written and compiled during the quarantine days. The band has a number of shows back on for this Summer, and is very excited to have begun recording demos for many of their new tunes. They remain dedicated to strong hooks and feel good Rock N' Roll, but have broadened their horizons to write about the challenges of modern life and how we can all help each other through good times and bad. The best is yet to come.


In 2022 The Over Unders are back and better than ever. Having finished recording their new EP "No Soap Radio" in late January, the band is excited to play and promote the release like never before. They just announced the date of their first single "Rhonda" at a packed March 5 show in Eau Claire at My Office. With their music now regularly appearing on local college station Converge Radio, the group is excited to maximize their building momentum and roll that energy into the coming promotional efforts surrounding their EP and singles. They performed April 15th at Eau Claire's legendary Mousetrap Tavern in celebration of their new single Rhonda that came out the same day.  "Lookout Johnny" followed releasing on May 20. Since, remaining singles "Sing Me Where You Are," "Thought Someone Was There," and "No Soap Radio" have all come out, with the culminating full EP having then dropped on September 30th with another packed show at Mousetrap.


In early 2023 The Over Unders are capitalizing off their efforts in 2022, with a slot at Rockfest secured, and other very exciting opportunities in the works. Stay tuned!